indiemusic’s Compilation, “we are indie VIII”

“we are indie” is (we assume) a monthly compilation featuring independent artists all around the world. Compiled by (, they have reached the 8th edition of the compilation.

Their 8th edition of “we are indie” is released in two parts, named “we are indie VIII part 1” and “we are indie VIII part 2” (of course), featuring 27 promising artists named below (according to the hierarchy shown in the compilation). And we are proud to be a part of  such a fresh compilation!

we are indie VIII part 1 :

Many thanks to Fred Lombard from, and our cocksucking friend, Giovanni Rahmadeva from Polka Wars.
They, ‘Polka Wars’, are going to be a part of the next “we are indie” compilation, contributing their freshly re-recorded ‘Horse Hooves’. Ahhh.. Make sure you bleed your ears out for them, not literally of course.

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