Profile: Sigmun (Loud) ______________ Rock Loud is an Indonesian rock band formed in December 2008. Consists of Haikal Azizi (vocal/guitar),Nurachman Andhika (guitar), Mirfak Prabowo (bass) and Risyad Tabattala (drums). Mainly influenced by the two founding fathers of heavy metal, the almighty Led Zeppelin and the god of heavy riffs, Black Sabbath. Loud mentions their music as freud blues rock, the word freud comes from the infamous neurologist, Sigmund Freud, whom they admired so much for his unconscious mind and the defense mechanism theory. They believe that the music they make are coming spontaneously from their unconscious mind. They changed their name to Sigmun after some issues about the similarity of their name with a canadian electronic-group. Memorable Experience : - July 2009, Dago Tea House, Bandung, Semi-Final Regional Indiefest 2009 - November 2009, Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung, Final Regional Indiefest 2009 - December 2009, FIB UI, Jakarta, Festival Budaya 2009 (FIBUI) - February 2010, Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, MINUS 2010 (FEUI) - March 2010, Universitas Parahyangan, Bandung, Architecture Saves Us (Arsitek Unpar) - July 2010, Srisasanti Art House Kemang, Jakarta, An Event Held by Binus Univ - August 2010, Bumi Sangkuriang, Bandung, BAZAAR (SMA Taruna Bakti) - February 2011, Upper Room Nikko Hotel Jakarta, Music Gallery 2011 (FEUI) - March 2011, Mary Jane's Studio, Pondok Labu, Jakarta,. STUDIORAMA #1 (and many events in between) Live Reference : - The Day @ Indiefest 2009 - The Day @ Festival Budaya FIB Universitas Indonesia - The Summoning (Bersatu dengan semesta) @ Indiefest 2009 - Land of The Living Dead @ Srisasanti Art House Kemang - Land of The Living Dead @ Festival Budaya FIB Universitas Indonesia Myspace Page : Contact : Anindito Ariwandono/08170782158

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