From the Misty Mountain Top

A ceremonial release by Orange Cliff Records titled “From the Misty Mountain Top” was held for the sake of our Three-Way Split 12″ with Jelaga and Suri last 29th September 2012. The title pretty much explained about the event, it was held in a misty mountain top, in the wake of full moon. We played … Continue reading

Coming Soon : Suri / Sigmun / Jelaga, Three-Way Split

Coming soon : Suri / Sigmun / Jelaga

A video for the upcoming three-way split album, to be released through Orange Cliff Records.

Audio track by Bin Idris

Video made by Oculus Lava


Cerebro (EP)

Here’s a poster for our soon to be released EP, Cerebro. Will be released through The Bronze Medal Records in August 2012. A four-track EP, sort of ‘b-side’ materials. Here’s the track listings : 1. Cerebro 2. The Long Haul 3. Ring of Saturn 4. Atom Heart Father Contact for order info, it will … Continue reading

Live Footage (RRREC Fest #2 & YES NO KLUB #15)

A lovely and well-made footage of our live performance shot by Arie Raditya Pradipta & Ady Nugeraha. The video contains a combination of footage from RRREC Fest #2 (Jakarta) and YES NO KLUB #15 (Yogyakarta). Cheerio,   A.A.

Canadian Music Fest 2012

Canadian Music Week Canadian Music Week began in 1981, and has grown to become one of Canada’s largest and most influential media and music conferences. It draws top industry professionals to participate in a four-day program of activities. Designed to stimulate the exchange of market intelligence, increase dialogue and provide networking opportunities, Canadian Music Week … Continue reading

Kawabata Makoto + DJ Urine

Making our first trip outside West Java, opening for Kawabata Makoto and DJ Urine on February 1st and back in Jakarta on February 4th. Psyched to see YK. Hopefullywe’re able to bring our first ever merchandise. Cheerio, Here’s the press release from Yes No Klub ___________________________________________ Kawabata Makoto (JPN) + Dj Urine (FRA) Rabu 01 … Continue reading

indiemusic’s Compilation, “we are indie VIII”

“we are indie” is (we assume) a monthly compilation featuring independent artists all around the world. Compiled by (, they have reached the 8th edition of the compilation. Their 8th edition of “we are indie” is released in two parts, named “we are indie VIII part 1” and “we are indie VIII part 2” … Continue reading

Land of the Living Dead

  A two-track so-called mini release (well technically it’s a demo), made downloadable by a reputable Indonesian music Webzine, Download it here : It’s downloadable from our soundcloud too, of course with the option to download per songs. Check out the links on the right side of the site.   Cheerio     … Continue reading

superbad vol. 32

the jaya pub. sebuah pub legendaris dengan panggung sesak yang dipadati oleh barisan penonton kelaparan. 26 juni 2011 malam, kami menyambangi tempat itu untuk mengisi sebuah event legendaris bernama superbad yang kali itu akan menginjak edisi yang ke-32. video dibawah adalah cuplikan saat kami membawakan lagu terakhir malam itu. terimakasih untuk duet maut keke tumbuan … Continue reading

sigmun @ superbad! vol.32

meneruskan estafet dari musisi-musisi bermartabat dalam negeri yang kami kagumi, 26 juni 2011 nanti kami akan menyambangi salah satu pub legendaris jakarta, jaya pub, untuk bermain di event partikelir yang mungkin menjadi idaman ribuan band-band muda seperti kami : “SUPERBAD! VOL. 32” mortir punk kota bogor: “the kuda”, serta unit musikal yang tengah panas di … Continue reading